The Incidental Corridor N0.469

Recollection and perception unite. Closing one’s eyes from a thing, then returning to it, brings back the memory of it and, simultaneously, its actuality. There is a difference which is not really a difference. The change takes place in perception. It includes a time and place of the thing perceived. But, it remains what it is throughout all angles and all perspectives. Moreover, it differs in one particular way from one observant to another, and on and on. Yet, the thing in its differences remains the same. The only changes to it come from the observant who, submerged in a particular point in space, at a particular moment, determines the “what” and the “where” of its surroundings. Also, the subject perceiving, in his solitary mode of completeness, is explicitly measured through his infinite presence as a being-in-the-world-for-others. Therefore, he is also an object seen from different perspectives, yet, is never inert but always in flux. But, what gets determined is the subject as a self-consciousness. What the subject determines from itself is its own essence.

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