The Incidental Corridor No.468

Everything outside the “corridor” is dormant. Space and time are inert, still. They never move nor are they moveable; unaffected; unprincipled; unable to apprehend. What awakens space and time are events consummated by the ego; movements stemming from the natural viewpoint concomitant with being. If being did not exist, the real and the unreal, space and time, would be a motionless nothingness. Consciousness determines intuitively that space and time is active only as we experience it. What is before me now: paper, pen, book and desk, the objects I focus on, as well as those that fill my periphery, are present as a knowable, determinable, truth which belongs to my stream of consciousness, and will only fade away, as do all things that are naturally dormant, into the quiet abyss of future reflections as an alternate stream, or shifting of consciousness, emerges to take its place.

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