The Disconnected Corridor to Pure Consciousness No.467

What is in play and acted on is the realm of non-freedom encircling each horizon. It is the fact of existence and the pre-supposed which surrounds being and “draws out” its everydayness, placing it into empirical categories and a realm of the duality of a singularity. The one of the many of the one. As being is implicitly singular, it is an object of two separate but related essences. One is the “real.” The other is a complete rapture of the “un-real.” Abandoning what is real is the way to its knowing. It is through this negation of a negation that forms the force of being, for being possesses two traits which make it what it is and what it is not. The ultimate aim is to disconnect from being while connected to the life-world, as being cannot reach its own purity without understanding what it is not. Only through the suspension and disconnection from the “real” and the embracing of the “not-real” can consciousness know its own self in its own realm of pure spirit.

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