The Incidental Corridor No.465

Knowledge is a moving, changing, theory of imaginary and empirical data of affirmations made by one or more people throughout the course of mankind; an outer layer of the core of truth (established by others) and proceeding into the domain of reality. Knowledge, in itself, is illusory as long as it pertains to that which is “supposed.” It is “improved” upon, then torn down and reconstructed. However, a primordial datum exists and continues to carry forward an infinite pool of ideas which, through their object-essence, encroach upon the realm of ideality and open new corridors of exploration. The truth or falsity of conceptual affirmations are either adopted or discarded based upon a “believability” and factual value. Moreover, knowledge, if it doesn’t provide an unequivocal concept, is truly not knowledge but a stagnant pool of inconsequential determinations that do nothing to further the course of existence, nor embellish the accomplishments of experiences already defined.

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