The Incidental Corridor No.463

Regional-essences contain, as part of their sub-strata, a concrete relationship with each essence so that one cannot exist without the other. However, once extended from their particular categorical status, and becoming part of the extensive manifold of differing similarities, the regional-essence breaks through an aperture of concrete containment into a self-defining community of the collective State. It branches out into the world and identifies itself through its essential members; through its specific compact which has similarities with others but separates by language, culture, and the prevailing psychological maintenance of its religion. Its beliefs, concepts, traditions, etc., impose ideas and predilections that withstand the forces of history and experience only subtle and gradual change. Innate to this regionally conceptualized form of self-control and discipline, is the threat of force which works to prevent a “fall-out” of its members and commit each spirit-essence to a rigid and persevering path through the neatly manicured fields of a future unknown.

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