The Incidental Corridor No.460

The essential difference between a generality and a necessity is that the former covers a wide expanse of propositional judgments while the latter is the absolute which comes from the judgments themselves. All generalities have their basis in some form of truth, although divided by different meanings, considering the mere nature of their existence. A color is a generality, as is a sound. However, once a propositional element applies, the necessity will emerge and that which is factual emerges and take its place in a phenomenal presence. What was once an eidetic vision virtually presupposed becomes, in effect, a factual necessity. Color becomes red or green. Sound becomes a steady pulse or a stream of notes. The generality takes form, thus necessity, coming into the world as a fundamental foundation of what once existed as sheer imagination. And a truth of fact emerges, undertaken phenomenally, through the matter of its universal observance.

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