The Incidental Corridor No.458

From the personal viewpoint, all things are one-sided; however, universally, they have infinite sides of infinite possibilities. That all things exist accidentally, they come into being by pure possibility and continue on through a potentiality, is the nature of the world; an immanent possibility unfolded and always becoming. And all things, by their nature, would be altogether-other if the ability for comparing them to something else were lacking, or completely absent. The color red would not be red if other colors didn’t exist in comparison. A note of music would be static, or would not be discernible, if other notes were not added. Thus, as all things are one-sided they are, in their one-sidedness, an infinity unto themselves qua their immediate perception. The possibilities existing beyond an immediate presence continue into an endless realm of otherness and other activities which support a future unlimited by its own potentiality.

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