The Incidental Corridor No.457

Unlimited distinctions exist in every object perceived or conceptualized. One can view an object from different angles, under various lighting, along differing distances, and each perspective will have a distinctiveness all its own. I may view a tree from a certain distance, beneath a grey sky, at a particular moment, and decide it to have a distinct shape and color and leaning in an easterly direction. Another person may view the same tree at a different angle, at a shorter distance, beneath a cloudless sky, and come to a completely different conclusion about its characteristics. Within the incidental corridor of consciousness, under the cover of thought and perception, truth discloses a cause of “dependent intention.” One truth holds many truths. The only infallible truth is that nothing is true outside the immediate horizon of the observant. We constitute an object’s existence based on our own existence and show its truth only through the truth constituted for ourselves.

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