The Incidental Corridor No.456

There exists a divide between what one perceives and the cause of the perception. What embodies appearance is the object appearing separate from the sense-perception of it. It has itself in itself and would exist whether sensed or not sensed. There is nothing in experience which would imply, or prove, an appearance; nothing which could bring an object into the world based on one’s own sensory datum. The nature of the thing belongs solely to that thing, to itself, and cannot be separated from it. Although perceived as what it is, as made an example through experience and, hence, intuition, it is actually not what it is. The red of the house would not be the same red of the ball. Removed from the house it would vary from its “given-ness.”. Its essence remains but its physical content would be altered. Thusly, there are separate worlds of experience that are of one body, one essence, but project that which they are not. As in consciousness and self-consciousness, separated by itself from itself and culminating in being, which is through its bodily presence a “natural being of the natural world” and perceived as such.

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