The Incidental Corridor No.452

Since the Ego exists in and for itself, than the implication that the world exists for the Ego is necessarily true. And, it is through its own awareness that the Ego is able to experience all experiences; to have knowledge and reason. The world is “independent” of the Ego yet wouldn’t exist if not for the Ego creating the circumstances for it to exist . Without one’s knowledge of an existent world, without the awareness of it, there would be no purpose for it, nor would it stay independent. Its realization would go unnoticed as being, through its Ego, creates its own experiences and does not need the world to separate what is and what is not. The Ego, the “personality,” the “self,” enjoys its independence through its ability to recognize essences before they form into a “reality.” Through this unnaturally natural tendency of the Ego to know itself through its own essence, to recognize its “selfhood” and its want to experience only the most blissful and ecstatic existence, albeit as being-in-the-world, is its distinctiveness and its independence from the world. Thusly, the world as independent in itself from the Ego, forms through a dependency and is the sole “proving ground” whereby the Ego retains its own freedom and its own ability to fully separate itself while being the One of the Many of the One.

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