The Incidental Corridor No.448

We can perceive an object as it follows from its essence. What cannot be perceived is the essence which brings forth the object. The “what-ness” of an object is its essence. However, this “what-ness” is what escapes definition. It’s what exists between-itself-in-itself. What is “real” appears within the spatiotemporal horizon, but its origin is unknown and indecipherable. Each object is an essence. Its appearance signifies its existence which is its particularity within the universal mesh. The part it plays or significance it possesses is beyond logic. It just “is.” The experience of essences comes to us through the “natural world.” In order to gain sensual proximity to the spirit-essence, one must rely on pure consciousness to withhold the world from itself and find the realm of spirit-consciousness by excluding all that is corporeal and universal.

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