The Incidental Corridor No.431

Each instant of consciousness is a new creation. It re-establishes itself as consciousness by turning toward an intentionality. This intentionality, and transcendent impulse, hidden from itself as consciousness is hidden from itself, takes on the object of its intentions whether by perception, imagination, or confrontation. Each moment is a form of objectification and a reality taking place simultaneously with its own creation. Both the world and consciousness come together into a singular sphere of existence and relate to each other as would a positive and negative pole. One needs the other to exist. It seeks out what it is not so it can discover itself. It is a refraction and a flexing of spirit which cannot be suspended nor apprehended. It is its own force and its mode of perpetuating itself in the form of a consciousness that seeks out the “me” to engage it in the process of existence but, as it does so, continuously returning to a nothingness from which it can start anew.

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