The Incidental Corridor No.424

The “I” of reflecting consciousness is the absolute which cannot act on itself. The “me” of un-reflecting consciousness qualifies itself in its surroundings and represents the I as being-in-the-world. While it is an autonomous agent it is always searching for the standards (desires) that are the object of the I. It is a dual-structured consciousness which shifts, spontaneously, between reflection and un-reflection. It is like two mirrors face to face. The I represents a world that is dark in itself and hidden from the me, but at the same moment directs the me. Accordingly, the me is never who we are since the I cannot reproduce itself in its totality, linked only as a messenger to the me rooted in its un-reflected consciousness. There are certain qualities attributed to the me by others, personality, characteristics, etc., yet it is not the truth of ourselves which remain unreachable in the infinite abyss that is the I.

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