The Incidental Corridor No.422

By being conscious of something we imprison ourselves and are, thusly, drawn into empirical consciousness. This advent from the “I” thrown-into-the-world, finds it is no longer what it was but now belongs to a world consciousness. Consciousness is the cause of itself as it crawls out of the past and, through its intentions, receives into itself what it immediately intuits. Its intention is self-intending and acts out of a spontaneous notion of itself. We are our own “Big Bang.”

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2 thoughts on “The Incidental Corridor No.422

  1. The Mind is a stream of consciousness . . . it reflects what is alien and what is known . . . flowing from observation to observation . . . infinite iterations of knowing . . . infinite revisions . . . infinite reconciliations . . . infinite escapes . . . infinite conclusions . . . we arrive where we began . . . we begin again . . . we end again. And how do we begin? And how do we end?

    1. As I believe in the spontaneity of consciousness, there could never be an end that could be observed as an end. Nor the same for a beginning. We could “mark” a beginning by reflecting. But, once we reflect we leave the world as an outward consciousness and turn to a world that includes only the “I”. For, there is no I in the un-reflected consciousness. So, true, we arrive where we began which is the beginning of the end that never ends. A hint of eternal recurrence in everything.

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