The Incidental Corridor No.419

Perception brings sense certainty to the universal and grounds it in an understanding of differences which constitute themselves through an indifference to the properties that form the essential. In other words it brings together the “also” of this and the not-this when perceived as being in the same context as the perception would allow. We can say a lump of clay is hard and is also malleable. It is also formed from water and earth. Each property, in itself, is indifferent to the other, however when placed together become this and no longer are that. To reach a form of completion, this lump of clay is this and that and, also, not-this. It is not a stream of water nor is it a handful of dirt. But, simultaneously, it is both. As in perception, being relates to that which it perceives before distinguishing itself from it; before realizing what it is and what it is not. It is also through perception that consciousness comes to itself and establishes the ground by which sense certainty begins its path to the true.

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