The Incidental Corridor No.418

Experience is a search for what it is not and simultaneously what it is. This is the same for consciousness which, in its struggle to realize infinite absolution, attempts to break away from the relationship it holds with it-self and become what it is not. Its attempts at escaping finitude, where it finds it-self, are bound by its relative unity with what appears as the true. It is within this “truth” that consciousness finds itself and can only hope to return again to its unity with spirit which, once becoming being-in-the-world, clings to the universal structure and, through mediation, becomes victim to its dialectical unravelling. This system forms a reality that combines the invisible forces of itself and that of spirit struggling to escape from it. In the ongoing turmoil between what is not and what is, consciousness is lost in the infinite finitude of all that exists which, for it, is the only truth it can know. And, ultimately, it is the only truth which is not the truth.

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