‘The Betrayal By Awareness.’ The Incidental Corridor No.418

It is not possible to prevent immediacy, or sense certainty, from falling into the grasp of mediation in such a way as to suspend what is immediate and look into its movement. Once an object has fallen to perception, once it pierces the perimeter of its own beyond and makes an appearance, it becomes, for the one perceiving, the “now” and the “this” until the next “now” or the next “this” follows. This movement is immediate and simultaneously historical as each “now” is that which is no longer and cannot be stopped on its path to oblivion. It is the betrayal by awareness that hides from us the absolute and forces being into reason instead of revelation. It is through art that we are able to scratch the surface of this undefinable essence from which we ascend and become, by way of expression, spiritual practitioners of phenomenological pursuits.

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