The Incidental Corridor No.417

In the immediacy of the “I” its experience is its intention. It is the only true essential. What follows from this, what evolves into knowledge becomes, for the “I” the inessential. It is the beginning of matters attained in temporality and are matters of the nothingness of existence; the beyond of the shadow that lurks in an altogether supersensible world that has no place in consciousness but merely hides behind itself; stokes the fires of its meaningless flames and, eventually, turns to ashes once reason no longer evolves. To the matters at hand, which come into play through the hidden force of their own intentions, they too must settle into oblivion and dissolve into history leaving traces of themselves through events but, purely, inessential unless they correlate with a movement that supersedes itself and brings upon an essentiality which reverses course and disrupts the manifold, bringing forth a “zeitgeist” which is neither opposed nor preventable.

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