The Incidental Corridor No.414

There is a restlessness of spirit as it relates to knowledge. Knowledge is a knowing which would negate an object of knowledge; an object which, by itself, presents a relationship only to itself and transfers that knowledge into knowing what is being known. It is, for spirit, an absolute knowledge in its immediacy which does not stop to comprehend the object but understands that the object is that which it is and cannot be anything else. This restlessness transfers the object from in-itself and into a for-itself for the knowing of it, yet, this knowing is only a particular knowing to it-self but, to others, is not yet known. This absolute restlessness is a continuing dynamic as the relationship of the object to the understanding becomes, for itself, a relationship that can only be understood as an in-itself-for-another while, simultaneously, distinguished from any other object and becomes only for-itself in the apprehension of it. Once immediacy turns to mediation, absolute knowledge loses itself in the menacing atmosphere of a reality that has no relationship with knowing but, simply, races through the world with an emptiness of content and a restlessness that is always concealed.

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