A Crisis In Finitude: The Incidental Corridor No.413

In order for self-consciousness to know itself as a pure “I” while understanding that the “I” does not belong to consciousness, it must move through a self-affirmation of that which it is; it needs of itself a consciousness of being conscious through appearing against that which is immediate for it. Moreover, self-consciousness needs an appearing of another self-consciousness, one in itself an “I” but affirming itself through, yet, another self-consciousness. Crisis’s develop where one “I” finds it is absent within itself, lost in a void, a particularity which, when confronted by itself, becomes desperate for another to mollify its compulsion towards completeness. This reshaping, this movement, remains unfulfilled as long as consciousness remains within the realm of the “I” and becomes a knowing of itself through its externality and not through its essence, which does not contain an “I” but is, for itself, that which will always be eternal and remain distant from the finite landscape of want and despair.

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