The Wild Thing. The Incidental Corridor No. 406

Is the object I see an extension of myself where I become the object to complete my seeing it? Or, can the reverse be true where the object becomes me, where it reflects into me and completes, for itself, the particular of its own existence; the contingent aspect of itself since, as an object, a wild thing, it is only a possibility of itself and, without my being-there-for-it, it would not be there for me.
It is in my seeing it, through immediate reflection, which subdues the object and fulfills the means to its possibility. It becomes for-itself-for-another, that other which I am when I’m not being in a secluded world, isolated from the object seen and, in essence, isolated from myself as a reversal of the reflection reflecting. When I’m not being seen by something how than can I see myself seeing it? I can do so only by being in the world as an object which remains other than itself until it is seen by another.

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