The Incidental Corridor No.403

The invisible appears as the unseen qualities of a thing projecting itself. It possesses, within its being, those differences which make the thing what it is. Its color, or colors, shape, surface, etc. are the visible components which emerge from their own invisible domain. One quality of a thing may dominate another and stand out against it, yet it would not be what it is unless it is connecting to that which it is dominating. Everything connects to everything else, as if two mirrors stood face to face, reflecting against their own reflection. All things seen, heard, sensed, etc. relate to something other than it, but is still part of it. And, a thing seen is not always seen. It may underlie the resulting thing itself as a linkage, a sub-quality or relationship, which makes it what it is. What the seer sees, in its actuality, is that instant of completeness of what the object is even if it could further evolve or change. Everything is always what it is and what it isn’t all at the same time.

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