The Incidental Corridor No.398

The body is an agent of synthesis. What it perceives it formalizes and reconstructs through its thoughts; loosens or tightens its “hold”; branches together one form after another which would make the synthesis seemingly complete. But, what could take place through this action? What new dimensions, measures, thoughts, etc., may seep through and create distortion and doubt? That I perceive a stone in the garden is for my-self only and for no other. The stone becomes in-itself-for-me: an object clinging to the planet which is hurtling through space. As I move, the stone moves with me, towards me, or away. If I turn from it, it becomes an image in my memory; a thought “possessed.” In order to break away, consciousness struggles to condition itself from reflecting upon the object, but occasionally finds that it has surrendered to it and become an object-for-the-object. It enters a dimension which consciousness battles to avoid but, often fails before its own self-consciousness. And this self, which becomes a new shape of consciousness, preys upon the spirit like a cat creeping through the tall grass before pouncing on its victim. Doubt becomes a covering and consciousness begins to question its own self. In this instance, consciousness needs to “break away” from its immediate past and transcend its own self, its own thoughts. It must become what it was before it became what it wasn’t.

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