The Incidental Corridor No.395

Conscience sees itself as the absolute truth. When it is outside itself, it enters into the incidental and becomes an immediate certainty for others, falling into the universal as a shifting, echoing, spirit exposed to judgment and hypocrisy. As it falls it encounters reason in the vast emptiness of a universal spirit that lays claim to it. It becomes imprisoned by presuppositions and forces of morality, other truths engendered by other spirits, and is thrust into objectivity while lost in a subjectivity that is meaningless and without validity.

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2 thoughts on “The Incidental Corridor No.395

  1. That we are not single as a matter of natural default is a delusion … it is only through this realization (that we are indeed single) that we can experience a colorful and meaningful “Union” with others … Separate, but “United.” Consciously. Integrated, but always separate. To lay claim on another, that is externalization of self, which can only crumbled into the lack of integrity that it was, is, and will be … Then seeking the next individual on which to stake his claim … Commodification of self. As Fromm warned.

    1. How do we avoid self commodification as we toil through the established protocols which have been laid out for us by others? We are trapped by self-consciousness that lives through others, sees itself in others, and becomes objectified in all subjective experience. True without the other we would not realize who or what we are, but we have all become universally categorized within a meaningless world which is unaware of even its own truth or purpose.

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