The Disruptive Spirit. The Incidental Corridor No.391

Through disruption and outrage an individual faces its opposition: A world that is alien to him, but simultaneously a world he has partly created and remains active in. He conforms to principles which are anathema to his thoughts, yet consequential to his existence. This combination is what creates the Disruptive Spirit: one that is irreconcilable to itself and to the world. It survives in the fires it creates and works to fan the flames until the world around it is strewn with the dead relics of the purposeless-ness of its existence. It could never conform to the idea of the State and its community and, thus must consider itself an outsider to express its unhappiness. This spirit incites radicalization and revolutionary thoughts among itself and those who find solace with it. It is the originator of total upheaval and drastic change and, moreover, one that induces history into being historical.

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