The Incidental Corridor No.379

Once being, by intention, fashions an object through his work or labor, he sees not an object, but himself; he sees his consciousness in the ‘thing’ he created and rises above his sense of servitude into a realm of freedom from death and nothingness. The object before him is the product of his feelings of negativity and nothingness borne from his fear of death. He becomes, in certain respects, a slave to himself and only sees himself in that which he creates through his labor. His overseer, however, depends on the worker to produce what he wants and needs. Therefore, in the dialectical dynamism that occurs, the overseer becomes a slave to the worker and the worker becomes a slave to himself through his need to create and produce that which defines his freedom and consciousness and, moreover, his fear of the nothingness shrouded in the inevitable termination of his being.

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