The Incidental Corridor No.371

Within perception each object seen possesses separate properties which form one particular thing representing what it is in itself. Consciousness, in its immediacy, does not perceive the differences that exist in an object. It sees only one thing, which is the object, while excluding its other properties. For instance, a house is immediately perceived as that which it is, a house. Its other properties, which are integral to its structure, are not at first realized. Its material parts: windows, doors, pipes, footings, etc. are not at once perceived as parts which would not exist if not for the-others. They would not occupy the space they are in without the other objects possessing them. Therefore, they exist as an-other which possesses its-self-through-its-other. Is it not similar to human existence, to being, wherein a consciousness would not be a consciousness of anything were it not for an-other consciousness recognizing, in itself, the being of an-other?

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