The Incidental Corridor No.370

Could what be determined as truth be apprehended through the gaze that rests upon it? Is perception of an object the truth of that object, or does consciousness formalize its status through its immediate understanding of what the object is and is not? There are many variants to perception and, beyond that, a comprehension and fulfillment that is immediately processed. This procession, this sequence of thoughts, of now’s, moves along uninterruptedly, unsurpassed and subliminally directed by consciousness, to meet what is its own truth. This truth for consciousness remains the sole aim of its spirit and, that is, the eternal search for what it is not. In its experience, consciousness is not concerned with its own consciousness. It directs itself towards that which would make itself an otherness, a uniqueness and distinction which maintains its own identity by identifying with that which it is not. Therefore, an-Other qualifies as an-Other in existing through other-Others.

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