The Incidental Corridor No.369

The “this” of an object extends itself into another “this,” which is the extended determinate of being “not-this.” This “this-ness” stands up against its own negation in being what it is in-itself in contrast to what it isn’t. Therefore, each object is, in it’s being-this is, also, not being-this. For example, this chalk is what it is, yet, it is not this blackboard or this eraser. It sustains meaning in itself momentarily until it reaches beyond this meaning and eventually posits itself as being that which is not this blackboard or this eraser. This is how perception, in its immediate immediacy, perceives the object. It is the same as either a house or a tree which consciousness relates to but immediately distinguishes itself from as not being that house or that tree. It is experience of consciousness which defines what is before it, but, in its defining moment, becomes that which it is not, which is, in its experience, not that house or that tree but is conscious of both.

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