The Incidental Corridor No.368

Once an object is fully received into perception, it is no longer what it is. It becomes what it has been. An object cannot stay present in that it would recede into the past and move from its here and now to a there and no longer. Therefore, once an object arrives to the senses, what is truly sensed is its own negation; its movement from the present to the past; its innate contradiction that must take place in order that it could exist. It is the immediate penetration and the coinciding dissolution of the “now” which first becomes and then vanishes. It’s appearing and disappearing, leaving a trace of itself in itself, its truth and its falsehood wrapped together. Its binding feature is its complex simplicity and its movement from the here and now to the once was here and another now. Its sole possession is its opposition to itself and its unique quality as an object, which is universal in its existence and particular in its essence.

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