The Incidental Corridor No.366

Within the field of the incidental, the “here” and the “now” can be indifferent to each other as the “not-here” and the “not-now.” What is particular and specific to a subject, within the here and now, negates itself by a following here and now. This is the order of time that displaces moments and distorts space as it directs its movements in the restlessness of the universe. This is the controlled chaos, the disrupting character, of temporality which contradicts itself as it penetrates a “time” of the here and now. What is “now” never stays “now.” What is “here” immediately establishes another “here.” The common medium becomes an appropriating contradiction which, in itself, is the static element of the “here and now” and, moreover, the constancy within an immovable containment of existence.

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