The Incidental Corridor No.335

Appearance is force. It is the merging of the invisible into the visible; the inner to the outer. Once observed, an object sheds the in-itself characteristic and becomes what it is for another. And, through this movement, it loses purpose and meaning of what it is to itself. It becomes a passive figure within the universal manifold and retains nothing of its determinatives. It turns into an object for consciousness which ceases it and molds it into its own perceptive reasoning. A tree, a house, a being, are no longer what they started out as. They become particularities which, through the force of their appearance and their collision with the one who observes, fall into an aspect of thought and pre-supposition. They turn into the “living dead,” objects for another that lose their inner substance, merging into the field of perception and into the mind of the consciousness that perceives them. They negate themselves through the force of their appearance.

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