The Incidental Corridor No.333

Self-consciousness is the active present that passes through reality and vanishes into moments of particularity; moments which form its own disposition in the world and incur a relationship with it. The world is always coming towards consciousness as an unchangeable universal. It is consciousness that projects itself upon it, like a picture on a blank screen. The transcendental ego becomes its own otherness, its own negation, as it apprehends itself in the world and reflects what is “out there” beyond its present. It takes on qualities and beliefs shared by other self-consciousnesses and, in so doing, forms a unity, a band of related particulars that acts through its own determination and strives to alter reality into, not only its own vision of existential enlightenment, but, devises means of inducing others to embrace its ideas and necessary compunctions. These could be in the form of nations, religions, tribes, etc., which, in concert, force change upon the unchangeable and unveil an “otherness” which reveals their imagined freedoms and moral virtues. It is the lost souls, like the blind in the darkness, drawn into the crypt of another’s imagination and forced into subservience through their own lack of vision.

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