The Incidental Corridor No.332

There are different degrees of understanding when, once apprehended, force themselves into consciousness which then removes itself from that understanding and stays outside of so that it can acknowledge it. One cannot be in the midst of an understanding and understand at the same moment. They are two forces working in the same direction, therefore, one must negate the other so that reason appears and consciousness can absorb it into itself and use it to navigate its surroundings. This would be the in the form of the transcendental ego drifting back into immediate consciousness and injecting it with the experiential existence it has apprehended. Absolute being takes from this experience and opens consciousness to its effects in the form of moments. Although these moments become ghosts of the recent past, they are able to emerge from their crypts and exist through the imagery that lives in the background of consciousness and determines its relationship within the corridor of its surroundings.

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