The Incidental Corridor No.330

All absence implies the presence. All silence is a degree of sound. There can never be one without the other. An object could not exist without its opposite, without the obverse of itself. Enrichment could not be measured unless it’s measured against impoverishment. And virtue would be meaningless unless there were some element of its negation to define it. Those who embody change, who battle the external forces which support the order of a community or a culture, are like flies swarming around a corpse. Once they penetrate the flesh they morph into entities that no longer resemble what they started as. They become their own “otherness” and form into that which initiated their eagerness for change. This dialectical movement is one which defines the history of existence. The unstoppable movement of forces that concentrate their utilities within the vibrant crevices of the incidental corridor and, ultimately, lay claim to their own microscopic validity which, eventually, gets squashed like an insect beneath the heels of the world’s giants.

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