The Incidental Corridor No.329

Throughout the existential pandemonium that self-consciousness must struggle through, it discovers for itself, and within the absoluteness of its infinite concept, the echoes and reflections that haunt and undermine its subjective existence. This “reality” which swallows each moment and replaces it with intrusions, forces self-consciousness to seek others who share its subjective proclivities, who can immerse together into the same pool of notions sharing relative states of being-in-the-world and becoming united with them. Through its transcendence into objective-subjective experience, self-consciousness becomes a being-in-the-world-alongside-others and, through this capitulation to others and to the world, seeks freedom from particularities and contingencies which may play upon its immediate existence as self and entangle it in a spiritual environment of dread and despair. Self-consciousness can only feel free and safe in its surroundings if it conforms to a background of its own reflection through others. And within this reflection is able to negate itself from itself and remove its fear of existence by returning to that very existence through its own activity as a being-in-the-world.

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