The Incidental Corridor No.326

There is an implicitly perpetual movement between moments expressed as the object-for itself becoming other than itself as it becomes for-itself-for-another. This is the movement in which it enters the manifold of processes and perceived by consciousness as that which has an effectual relationship with its surroundings, although its effects are only prevalent if it exudes a force that is perceptible, besides the force of its own emergence into consciousness. Once this object penetrates the realm of awareness to the subject, it immediately returns to its original status as being for-itself in order that it can show the very diversity-in-unity in which the world is bound. As a force to which it owes its own existence, it remains in perpetuity as an unconditioned condition of the universe and becomes, actually, that which is-for-itself-for-an-other-for-itself, and so on into an inexhaustible sequence of a seemingly infinite reality.

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