The Incidental Corridor No.325

Spirit is to itself as substance is to object. It creates itself, the form and the structure, though it negates its own form in coming to the self. It starts out beyond an awareness of it-self and, in its immediacy of consciousness, or its substance falling into existence, it emerges into the field of a united multiplicity, into a universal of others. Spirit is then forced to act in unison, to comply with its surroundings and make itself incomplete. By doing so it allows an opening into reality and a revealing of that which is other than itself. Within the realm of time and space, spirit makes itself real and forms a consciousness that reasons with itself as object while, at the same time, projects this consciousness into a subjectivity that binds it to the universe. It becomes both object and subject and cannot escape this paradox without distinctly removing that which it is and creating the concept of experiencing the experience beyond the goal of the world. It can only come to its own realization if it loses all realization of it-self-for-it-self and falls into an absolute embrace of its own negativity.

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