The Incidental Corridor No.323

Truth resides in opposition to itself as does contradiction have the truth in itself. The medium of these two aspects coincides with the truth of each other. The truth of the truth and the truth of the negation. The co-distinction of both is the determinate which outlasts them; it is a revealing which leads towards the absolute, or the highest degree attained within the field that separates them: the incidental corridor. However, there could never be a resting place, a finality, where consciousness can live and accept itself as its own concept, its own immanent structure constituted in itself and for itself. It cannot escape its own contradiction lf which is a never realizing, a never fully conceiving, of that which it is. The exigency of spirit is the void and the nothingness which materializes it and thrusts it, with the force and ferocity of creation, into the facets of the world in which it involuntarily-voluntarily takes part.

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