The Incidental Corridor No.320

We are in fear of the next moment, of what lies ahead, what awaits us in our setting and in our presence. Through our perceptions arises the objects that fill our horizon and create the very obstacles we seek to surmount; the forces that fall into play and attempt to negate our actions, to impose their contradiction and antithesis, to lead us into an abyss where consciousness realizes that everything has significance only for itself. That what is anterior to it, what has placed itself among its surroundings before anything else, what has emerged from a beyond which, once embraced through apperception, falls into the prison of its own appearance, forms into an obstacle and an insurmountable spectacle of tradition, and posits itself, permanently, in time. Once this impression thrusts itself into a relationship with consciousness it becomes the transcendent structure that embodies its world and connects one fleeting moment to the next.

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