The Incidental Corridor, No.317

Throughout his existence the subject has one experience which is his life and all its occurrences folded into the history of himself, synthesized into a subjective unity and observed on all relevant levels and, finally, completely consummated upon his death. There is no other horizon in which he exists. He’s trapped in his own setting, to the law of himself, the force of one consciousness completely bound and living through a mode of anticipation of the next moment, the next movement of time masked in the present. He is the force of his own force and, through appearance and awareness, he constantly returns himself to all that is external, all that is sensuous, all that does not and cannot escape his own reality. In so doing, he invokes the understanding of his surroundings through a perception which is his reality and that passively mediates what it is he sees and what it is to itself. Yet, at the same instant, he separates from reason and acknowledges his own beyond, which is, for himself, a negativity grasping for meaning; a reflection through a pool of nothingness that is his own immediate disavowal of what was initially perceived. This forces the original percipient, which is himself, into the universal and the world of generalities leaving the beyond and falling into the crevice of the incidental.

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