The Incidental Corridor, No.316

Every thought spoken detaches itself from the speaker and enters into the field of the incidental. It immediately stakes its claim to the truth and to eternity. It is the first spark before the flame; the rustling of the leaves before the storm. Once it becomes part of reality, once its truth reveals itself as existing in time, it takes hold of the present before it flees into the past and becomes, for the speaker and those in his vicinity, an elusive memory which may or may not play into their next thought or action. This force, draped in speech, has no boundaries nor does it immediately coalesce with the world around it. It must first be absorbed and acknowledged. It must rest in itself so that its message gains clarity once it penetrates the present. Through this, and through itself, speech presents, for each subject, a validity and a confirming of their being in the world.

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