The Incidental Corridor No.315

It could be that consciousness confers upon us the totality in which we exist, yet, it is the movements and perceptions we undertake that creates the spatial environment in which we house ourselves and, within this particular locality, loom like doves across the manifold of simulated treetops weaving our way through life and circumventing potentially harmful hazards from amassing on our horizon.
And, we intend our gestures within the space we create; the passageway of all our acts; the corridor that supplies the environment in which we come together and build relations between distinction and commonality. These relationships are impossible to avoid since the Gestalt in which we exist, is ever perpetuating itself and moving towards a completion that will never be; a finite point of impossibility which embodies, in itself, uncertainty.

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6 thoughts on “The Incidental Corridor No.315

  1. Highly complex, impressive and developed thinking. I never could grasp philosophical theories – totally perplexing. Over 20 years ago, I took a philosophy class and although I wound up with an A, it was a real struggle. For me, explaining the nature of consciousness is ambiguous at best. All I remember is the question of whether consciousness is non-physical or caused by neural activity. Like everything else, there are always two schools of thought. I commend you on your sustained interest and consummate grasp of this elusive subject matter. Think on.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. Just remember that consciousness is consciousness of something. It seeks that which it is not. It is always outside itself.

  2. Wonderful to see you are posting your thoughrs. They are complex, creative, and thought provoking. You challenge! The brevity of the posts are just right for the complexity of the content you put forth. Ex Animo…Ad Astra! :-))

      1. Conversations about such things, they weave a bridge. Timeless, intangible and durable…we commute to the stars and back. Yes indeed. We are commuters!

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