The Incidental Corridor, No. 314

Once we emerge from self-consciousness we place ourselves as being in the being of the world. We immediately perceive our surroundings, living and absorbing its reflection .Within this transcendent attitude the objects and properties that belong to the world are instantly related and simultaneously placed in the idea of our knowledge of them. Their appearance is a self-reflecting, as in a mirror image, reflecting outside of itself for our immediate understanding, before it falls back into itself and becomes what it is, eternally in itself, not having any other meaning other than what it takes as its own, as a lemon would to the color yellow, or a table to four legs, etc. And, through the incidental relationships that come about, and through the notions of all subjects in their relatedness to a particularity, matters become displaced moments, objects of understanding turned about, which unfold and are instantly refolded. They tarry alongside themselves, subjectively, in abstractions and incongruities so that each relationship renews its own motivations; its own discord; its own essential movement across the flow of time. Therein lies the incidental that faces off against simple objects, and projects the subject beyond himself and into an attitude of the possibilities of uncertainty.

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