The Incidental Corridor No.313

What results through reflection besides a breaking away and a movement towards ambiguity where all reflections co-mingle and eventually subside into a mixture of senselessness and contradiction? Throughout the spatial realm which holds for us what we consider as the truth and reality, we come up against certain
fields which reverse themselves and become our reflections. These fields of the perceptive world pervade our consciousness and hold it in its fragile cage where thoughts become trapped and begin to show themselves through notions and through the subjective act. They are, in themselves, the directness of our propensities and our unwillingness to defy a “natural” order of things. They become the force which ties us to relations and creates, by the fact itself, the automatons who have now, and always, been the supportive force of the social structure. In essence, our reflections are already contaminated by the world, tainted by the culture we embrace. The poison from the big Other is pervasive and, through its strange combination of contingency and coercion, has created the freaks of fetishes and a passive army of empty souls.

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