The Incidental Corridor No.307

That which embodies perception is immediately dispersed through consciousness so that something new always appears; that being the observer observing and the object of perception peeled away from its place and becoming an object for the perceiver. Its descriptive qualities are suddenly changed. At first glance an object deemed perfectly round, can, upon closer observation, contain certain breaks in its perpetual roundness. We change objects once we see them and form them into images that are immediately learned. They become parts of the wave of disorder and chance that takes refuge within the incidental plane. We perpetually form, as does the sculptor who can mold a ball of clay or chisel a slab of stone into a recognizable image. This is what implies existing within the incidental. It is the making and the remaking. The forming and the deforming. The building and tearing down. Through our actions within space, we change matter and the invisible becomes visible, and the shadows that were cast from the objects of our concern are inherently converted from darkness to light.

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