The Incidental Corridor No.306

The subject controls time more than time controls the subject. Through reflection, passive thought, incidental encounters with the world, time gets slowed down through the subject, through his consumption of life and his walk towards death. When one is able to snatch time itself and ride it like a wave, it becomes the “real” and, simultaneously, the invisible becomes visible and pure existence gets stationed along this path.
Yet, bells toll and voices resound, and the souls that fill space bring back the nothingness in which they flourish. Time gets interrupted and slowed as each instance manifests itself into a situation and life immediately becomes a necessity. All objects stand in the way and assumptions fill the air with anxiety. The subject is irreducibly fazed and thrown into a mist. That mist is the chance passageway of the incidental. And, it belongs to itself as it creates an infinite world of incremental instances that become clearly defined and then fade off. They go to live somewhere in the imagination and become vendors of personality and future thoughts.

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