The Incidental Corridor No.305

Being that it is not possible to replicate thought, memory is composed of images. These are comprised of words, meanings, actualities and non-actualities.
Impressions and feelings, although never duplicated, form into illusions and appear through the reopening of time. These instances involve the sharing, or convergence, of the corridor of existence; a particular time in space, leaving an imprint on the reflective consciousness and whirling forever in the backdrop of imagination. Reality becomes illusion. The present, of which could never be contained, drops out of sight, removes itself from itself, journeys backwards into history and forms a semblance of a structure that is forever built upon and dismantled, infinitely rearranged and configured. Within this isolated relationship between the self that is forever becoming and the self that has claimed its position within the world, an endless conflict arises which is blown asunder each moment a causation of consequences appears and the subject must, due to the physical realm in which he endures, retract from who he is and become who he is not. It is this negation of self which fills out his relationship to others and he, in this formless capacity, becomes an incidental subject tarrying alongside the world.

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