The Incidental Corridor No.303

The body is the significant outpost, the place of retreat, the ultimate sanctuary, where nothing outside of it can penetrate nor pierce. It swallows itself in its completeness and becomes the borderline between the self and the other. Within its infinite passageways, illusions of the past emerge and place themselves
alongside the present. They are the intimate interlocutors that bind existence into a circular event and, through reflection, cause the subject to become “caught up” in emotion concerning this or that, or this and not that. Fear and trepidation, guilt, anxiety and apprehension, are the stems that can sprout into unpredictable doubts and seemingly irreversible destruction. The rationale that colors each reflection is borne by the subject and relentlessly attacks with possibilities that present different outcomes, but, within its contradictory nature, entail endless burden and extreme development. It is this hiddenness which consciousness intends to conceal that, in fact, reveals itself to the self and, through its efficacious means of interpretation, conjoins with the outside world and creates, through its self-subservience, an individual embraced by the universal and unable to extricate itself from the cultural intonations that spread through his incidental corridor

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