The Incidental Corridor No.286

Perception is the beginning. It’s the first step that consciousness takes in order to reveal itself to itself. In order that it be conscious of being conscious. The object of our perception is always that which is in-itself for-itself. It is not separate from space. It is spatially situated with properties that exist whether it is experienced or it isn’t. A stone held in front of my eyes would still have other sides to it which are different than the side I perceive, whether it is turned around or not. It’s already connected, in its unique form with its unique properties, to the world and, if I turn away, it would still exist.
Within my field of perception, the horizon of which matter is formed and reflects back those properties of itself, I’m intrinsically involved, as in the color of an orange is tied to that orange. I could neither transcend that which I perceive and physically alter its reflection of itself, nor could I embrace its properties and claim their actuality, for, they exist within my horizon, and mine alone. The reflections I experience, the thoughts and the perceptions, belong only to myself.

An other-self would perceive differently and, hence, experience other thoughts which take root in that perception. Therein lies the matter of the self: that which is only in itself for itself. The consciousness that is in the process of revelation and discovering, is always outside itself and could only be in that manner. As it is even for-itself it still remains outside it-self for it is in the realm of “possibilities” that consciousness exists. There are no certainties. No absolutes which consciousness can embrace.

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